Manual Chapter : Restore the original ZebOS routing configuration from tmsh

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  • 13.1.1, 13.1.0
Manual Chapter

Restore the original ZebOS routing configuration from tmsh

The routing config sync status is in the prompt. If you encounter a config sync failure that you are not able to fix, or if you need to return to your original ZebOS BGP routing configuration, you can restore the ZebOS configuration with the backed up file. Restoring a UCS should fully restore the ZebOS configuration. Note that restoring a UCS will interrupt routing. For more information on restoring using UCS, see K13132.
  1. To delete the router you configured in
    type the command:
    tmsh delete net routing all route-domain <route-domain ID>
    Do this for every route-domain with a routing configuration. You are required to specify the route-domain.
  2. To disable the
    tmsh modify sys db tmrouted.tmos.routing value disable
  3. To verify that the router is deleted:
    tmsh list net routing
  4. To re-enable the routing protocol:
    tmsh modify net route-domain 0 routing-protocol add { BGP }
    You also have to specify any additional protocols you were using in your previous configuration. For example: OSPF, PIM, RIP, and so on.
  5. To restore the backed up configuration:
    # mv /config/zebos/rd0/<filename> /config/zebos/rd0/ZebOS.conf
    For example:
    # mv /config/zebos/rd0/ZebOS.conf.Apr-20-2017-15:59:07 /config/zebos/rd0/ZebOS.conf
  6. To restart
    bigstart restart tmrouted
    is required to restore the ZebOS configuration after you move the backup file to
  7. To check to see if the configuration was restored:
    imish -e 'show running-config'
  8. To verify the device is still in an established state with the neighbor:
    imish -e 'show bgp neighbor'
  9. To see the routes in the routing table:
    tmsh show net route
    Your configuration should now be back in ZebOS.