Manual Chapter : Common elements for access forward proxy

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  • 14.0.0
Manual Chapter

Common elements for access forward proxy

A URL database is available only on a BIG-IP® system with an SWG subscription.
  • URL filtering capability for outbound web traffic.
  • Monitoring and gating outbound traffic to maximize productivity and meet business needs.
  • User identification or authentication (or both) tied to logging, and access control compliance and accountability.
  • Visibility into SSL traffic.
  • Reports on blocked requests and all requests. (Reports depend on event logging settings.)
  • Ability to interactively request additional authentication for sensitive resources and provide time-limited access to them in subsessions.
  • Ability to interactively request confirmation before allowing or blocking access to resources that might not, in all instances, provide benefit to the business. Confirmation and access take place in a subsession with its own lifetime and timeout values.