Manual Chapter : Displaying the API protection dashboard

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  • 15.0.1, 15.0.0
Manual Chapter

Displaying the API protection dashboard

Before you need to have created at least one API protection profile, and have traffic passing through the API protection proxy.
You can check how well your API servers are being protected by examining the API protection dashboard once traffic is up and running.
The information shown in the dashboard will differ depending on whether you are using APM, Advanced WAF, or both.
  1. On the Main tab, click
    If working on an API protection profile, you can also display the dashboard by clicking the Dashboard tab.
    The BIG-IP system displays the System Overview dashboard.
  2. From the
    list, select
    API Protection
    The API Protection Overview dashboard opens and displays system status for all the API protection profiles over the last hour.
  3. From the time settings at the top of the screen, select the time period for which to display statistics (
  4. Review the information provided to see if there are any particular problems, such as errors or failed connections, and note the API protection profile associated with the problems.
  5. From the
    API Protection Profile
    list at the top of the screen, select the profile you are interested in, such as one associated with a high number of rejections or server errors.
    The API Protection dashboard now displays details for the selected API protection profile.
  6. Review the details concerning the API Servers that are protected by the selected profile to delve into troubleshooting where problems are occurring.