Manual Chapter : About Hard Disk Encryption

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  • 15.0.1, 15.0.0
Manual Chapter

About Hard Disk Encryption

The Hard Disk Encryption action checks for hard disk encryption software on a client computer. When this action includes checks for multiple hard disk encryption types, if one of the specified hard disk encryption types matches the software on the client system, the action passes, regardless of other hard disk encryption conditions that are specified in the item.
A Hard Disk Encryption action provides these settings and options:
Continuously check the result and end the session if it changes
, if the client does not respond for five minutes, the server ends the session.
Specifies a platform. The default is
. When a platform is selected, the Vendor ID and Product ID lists update to include the products and vendors that are supported for that platform according to the EPSEC package that is installed on the BIG-IP system.
A link to a report that includes the hard disk encryption software that Access Policy Manager currently supports is available on the BIG-IP system Welcome page.
Vendor ID
Specifies a vendor ID (from the list of supported vendors) or
Product ID
Specifies a product ID (from the list of supported products) or
Encryption State
Specifies one of these states:
  • Enabled
    When selected, the action verifies that all disk volumes are encrypted on the client.
  • Disabled
    When selected, the action verifies all disk volumes are not encrypted on the client.
  • Unspecified
    When selected, the action verifies that hard disk encryption software is installed on the client.
Specifies a version; when specified, the Hard Disk Encryption action verifies the version of the software.