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  • 15.0.1, 15.0.0
Manual Chapter

About Category Lookup

A Category Lookup item looks up URL categories for a request and obtains a web response page.
The Category Lookup item provides these elements and options.
Categorization Input
The list specifies these options:
  • Use HTTP URI (cannot be used for SSL Bypass decisions)
    : For HTTP traffic, this option specifies performing a URL-based lookup. When selected, on a BIG-IP system with an SWG subscription the
    SafeSearch Mode
    setting displays.
  • Use SNI in Client Hello (if SNI is not available, use Subject.CN)
    : For HTTPS traffic, this option specifies performing a host-based lookup.
  • Use Subject.CN in Server Cert
    : For HTTPS traffic, this option specifies performing a host-based lookup. (This option is not for use in a reverse proxy configuration.)
  • Use HTTP Connect Hostname
    : For connections that are passing through an upstream proxy, this option uses information from the HTTP Connect header and matches only the hostname. The Category Lookup agent functions only on the transparent HTTP virtual servers and fails if the policy is attached to explicit HTTP virtual servers.
SafeSearch Mode
The options are
(default) and
. When enabled, SWG enables Safe Search for supported search engines.
SafeSearch is available only with an SWG subscription.
Category Lookup Type
Select the category types in which to search for the requested URL. On a BIG-IP system with an SWG subscription, options are:
  • Select one from Custom categories first, then standard categories if not found
  • Always process full list of both custom and standard categories
  • Process standard categories only
On a BIG-IP system without an SWG subscription, the available option is
Process custom categories only
. Depending on the selection, the Category Lookup Type item looks through custom categories or standard categories or both, and compiles a list of one or more categories from them. The list is available for subsequent processing by the URL Filter Assign item.
Reset on Failure
When enabled, specifies that SWG send a TCP reset to the client in the event of a server failure.