Manual Chapter : Working with OpenAPI JSON schemas

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  • 16.0.1, 16.0.0, 15.1.0, 15.0.1, 15.0.0
Manual Chapter

Working with OpenAPI JSON schemas

You can create a JSON schema validation file to validate for your REST endpoints and protect
When writing your JSON schema, be strict with what is permitted and prohibited. Because even a strict schema can still generate false positives, ASM does not include traffic learning of the JSON schema traffic.
The JSON schema is validated when uploaded and any violations are noted. You can use more than 1 JSON schema file but each file must be uploaded separately and the JSON Profile Properties updated after each upload.
When using more than 1 JSON schema file, upload the file with
links first. An error is generated but uploading the subsequent files resolves the broken links error.
After a JSON schema is uploaded and selected, the
Parse Parameters
setting is disabled because the policy stops using any configured policy parameters and begins using the JSON parameters.