Manual Chapter : About AFM auto discovered services

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  • 15.0.1, 15.0.0
Manual Chapter

About AFM auto discovered services

AFM auto discovered services are connection flows that have been processed by an existing protected object. For example, when a forwarding virtual server processes an HTTP connection, the AFM system will create a discovered service for that connection. You can promote an auto discovered service to a protected object, and apply security policies and profiles to security process traffic for that service.

Protected object configuration

To auto discover, a protected object must either have the Service Port option set to *All Ports, or have more than one Destination Address with a specific Service Port. For example:
ltm virtual internal_web { destination mask ip-protocol tcp
ltm virtual internal_net { destination mask ip-protocol tcp

Discovered service auto-naming convention

When a remote client creates a new connection through one of the protect objects, AFM creates a new discovered service object that is eligible for promotion. The AFM system also creates a name for the service by combining the parent protected object name, the IP address and port of the connection. For example:
ltm virtual internal_web_192.168.10.100_80 { destination mask ip-protocol tcp