Manual Chapter : Troubleshooting Geo-Redundancy

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  • 17.1.0, 17.0.0, 16.1.1, 16.1.0, 16.0.1, 16.0.0, 15.0.1
Manual Chapter

Troubleshooting Geo-Redundancy

Reload to Recover

There are several reasons for noticeable discrepancies in persistence entries across local and remote sites.
Option to force manual reload of all the Geo-Redundancy eligible sessiondb entries from the remote site:
# geodb -r
Use this option with caution as it will override all the local site entries with the reload entries from a remote site.

Undeploy and deploy iAppLX

If there are issues with configuration, refer to
REST APIs support for configuration and setup commands
Undeploy the iAppLX and deploy it again. This will result in installing the missing services and updating the configuration correctly.

Reduce restnoded log level

The restnoded service runs in the background when iAppLX runs. If
takes a lot of space, it is time to change the log level.
Open the
noded file and update the
to severe in the following line. Then restart the restnoded service.
# vim /etc/bigstart/scripts/restnoded # exec /usr/bin/f5-rest-node /usr/share/rest/node/src/restnode.js -p 8105 --logLevel severe -i ${LOG_FILE} -s none >> /var/tmp/${service}.out 2>&1 # bigstart restart restnoded

HA standby shows in sync, but iApp does not show up on standby

Verify the detection of both devices in the iApp framework device group. Both active and standby are in the output:
restcurl shared/resolver/device-groups/tm-shared-all-big-ips/devices
Both devices are in the ACTIVE state:
restcurl /shared/gossip
Active shows as active and standby shows as standby:
restcurl tm/shared/bigip-failover-state
If there is an issue with verifying the detection of both devices, trigger the failover state again:
restcurl -X POST -d '{}' tm/shared/bigip-failover-stat

iApp undeploy leaves the setup in a bad state (status RED in the UI)

Before running the reinstallation process, follow these steps:
  • 1. Clear the rest storage so that the iApp does not contain any old data:
  • 2. Verify the
    directory is removed. This can happen if the previous iApp was not properly undeployed.
  • 3. Get or correct failover states using the previous step (step 2).

Actives are not in alive and connected state

. If this does not work, try restarting Kafka, ZooKeeper, and MirrorMaker1 a couple of times.
// Reload geodb [root@bigip1:/S1-green-P::Active:In Sync] config # geodb -r // Restart Kafka, Zookeeper and Mirrormaker1 [root@bigip1:/S1-green-P::Active:In Sync] config # bigstart restart kafka zookeeper mirrormaker1