Manual Chapter : About Kerberos Auth

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  • 15.1.10, 15.1.9, 15.1.8, 15.1.7, 15.1.6, 15.1.5, 15.1.4, 15.1.3, 15.1.2, 15.1.1, 15.1.0
Manual Chapter

About Kerberos Auth

A Kerberos Auth action retrieves user credentials using a Kerberos ticket.
In an access policy, an HTTP 401 Response action typically precedes a Kerberos Auth action.
A Kerberos Auth action provides these configuration elements and options:
AAA Server
Specifies a Kerberos server; servers are defined in the
area of the Configuration utility.
Request Based Auth
Specifies whether per request based authentication is enabled. When disabled, authentication occurs only while executing the access policy.
Max Logon Attempts Allowed
Specifies the number of user authentication logon attempts to allow. A complete logon and password challenge and response is considered as one attempt.
For a per-request policy subroutine, equivalent functionality is supported through subroutine settings.