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Manual Chapter

New Features in BIG-IP Version 15.1.9


Software Support Lifecycle change to 4 years on Long-Term Supported versions (x.1 releases)

F5 is changing the standard support phase of the BIG-IP software lifecycle for Long-Term Stability (LTS) releases from five (5) years to four (4) years. This means that EoSD and EoTS dates will now be reached 4 years after individual versions are released, with this change remaining in effect for all subsequent BIG-IP LTS releases. As F5 shifts to deliver more software-based solutions this change is intended to maintain alignment with the industry, while also helping facilitate migration of customers BIG-IP's to newer versions.
You can find more information about the updated software lifecycle here:


BIG-IP version 15.1.9 introduces the following new feature for LTM/TMOS:

MQTT over WebSocket for TCP Proxy/VS

The Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) filter over WebSocket is enabled to offer an MQTT filter when MQTT is encapsulated using WebSockets, such as MQTT iRule based enrichment and inspection.
In addition to the current behavior of the WebSockets filter, support for the following is added:
  • Support for MQTT protocol profile over WebSockets when both client-side and server-side connflows are encapsulated using WebSockets.
  • Support for MQTT protocol profile over WebSockets when only client-side connflow is encapsulated using WebSockets.

New in Advanced WAF

BIG-IP version 15.1.9 introduces the following update for Advanced WAF:

OWASP Top 10 2021 Categories

The OWASP Top 10 categories have been updated to correspond with the OWASP Top 10 2021 categories.

New in APM

BIG-IP version 15.1.9 fixed the following compatibility issue for Access Policy Manager (APM):

Support for BIG-IP and Edge Client on MacOS 13.3 and Later

BIG-IP Edge client has a compatibility issue when performing Endpoint Inspection policy checks on macOS 13.3 or later. After the macOS Ventura 13.3 update is installed, the BIG-IP Edge client cannot successfully run Endpoint Inspection. For more information about the issue, refer to the K000132932 article.
The issue (ID 1283645) is fixed in the BIG-IP 15.1.9 release. For more details on the deployment of the fix, refer to the K000133476 article.
The client-side fix is also required for this issue and is available in the APM client version. For more details, refer to the Edge Client release notes.