Manual Chapter : Layout - Standard

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  • 16.0.1, 16.0.0
Manual Chapter

Layout - Standard

The table lists settings for customizing page layouts from the general customization view if you created an access policy or per-request policy with the
Customization Type
set to
. Style sheet (CSS) settings are available for customization in the Advanced Customization view.
Form cell width (px or %)
Maximum width of the form cell.
Image cell width (px or %)
Maximum width of the image cell, or empty area if no image is provided. This setting has no effect if
Page layout
is set to
Form Center
Main table background color
Background color of the contents table. Overrides
Page background color
General Page Style Settings
. Corresponds to CSS
table#main_table { table_background_color: #
Page layout
Location of the form cell: left, right, or center. When set to
Form Left
Form Right
and an image is specified, it displays opposite the form. When set to
Form Center
, whether an image is specified or not, no image displays. (Access policy items that support images are affected, including logon page, decision box, and message box.)