Manual Chapter : APM High Availability and Upgrade

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  • 17.1.0, 17.0.0, 16.1.4, 16.1.3, 16.1.2, 16.1.1, 16.1.0
Manual Chapter

APM High Availability and Upgrade

Upgrading an Access Policy Manager high availability failover pair

To ensure that upgrading a failover pair is successful, make sure that the Local Traffic Manager active-standby units were configured correctly if you are migrating from a previous version.
During the upgrade, all users currently logged on to the system will have to log on again.
  1. Connect to a standby unit of a failover pair.
  2. Upgrade the standby unit.
  3. Press
    Force offline
    on the unit to trigger a failover to this newly upgraded unit.
    The newly upgraded unit will take over as the active unit.
  4. Once the upgraded unit takes over as active, restart the upgraded unit.
    This extra step of additional restart is required to flush out any of the old sessions which may have been introduced from the previously active unit from an older version of the software.
  5. Wait for the upgraded unit to come back up.
  6. Once the upgraded unit becomes the active unit, upgrade this unit.
  7. After upgrade, reboot this unit.
  8. When the unit comes back up, bring the other unit back online by pressing
    Release offline