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F5 SSL Orchestrator

  • 17.0.0
Manual Chapter

Overview: About Snapshots

utility lets you create a backup copy of your deployed configurations on the Guided Configuration for SSL Orchestrator. You can preserve your existing configuration and provide yourself with a restore point by creating a snapshot. With this restore point, you can freely experiment with configuration settings, knowing that you can quickly restore them when required. These configuration snapshots are created manually. Restoring configurations from a snapshot deletes all existing configurations and restores the device status to the same state as it was when it was backed up.
The Snapshot utility helps you:
  • Replace your current SSL Orchestrator configuration with the snapshot (backed up configuration).
  • Import the backed up snapshots after a configuration cleanup.
You cannot restore a snapshot created on the previous SSL Orchestrator version. Therefore, the SSL Orchestrator version where you restore your snapshots should be the same (same BIG-IP ISO and SSLO RPM) as the one on which you created them.