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BIG-IP Distributed Cloud Services

  • 17.1.0
Manual Chapter

​About Client-Side Defense

​About Client-Side Defense

F5 Distributed Cloud Client-Side Defense (CSD) provides a multi-phase protection system that protects web applications against Formjacking, Magecart, and other malicious JavaScript attacks. This multi-phase protection system includes detection, alerting, and mitigation.
  • Detection:
    A continuously evolving signal set allows CSD to understand when scripts on web pages start reading PII or exhibit signs of exfiltration.
  • Alerting:
    CSD generates timely alerts on malicious changes in behavior of scripts, provided by a continuously improving Analysis Engine. The Analysis Engine contains a machine learning component for accurate and informative analysis and provides details on the behavior of malicious script to help troubleshoot and identify the root cause.
  • Mitigation:
    CSD detects threats in real-time and provides enforcement with one-click mitigation. CSD leverages the same obfuscation and signal technology as F5® Distributed Cloud Bot Defense, delivering unparalleled efficacy.
Complete CSD configuration starts and ends in the F5 Distributed Cloud (XC) Console. The instructions provided here are for deploying CSD on your web application using the BIG-IP. For comprehensive configuration instructions on deploying and configuring CSD, click here.