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BIG-IP Distributed Cloud Services

  • 17.1.0
Manual Chapter

About AP and AI

About AP and AI

Account Protection (AP) focuses on digital fraud protection. AP ingests data of confirmed fraud cases and returns fraud recommendations in real-time. The BIG-IP injects the AP JavaScript (JS) tag to execute and collect browser, network, and behavior signals called telemetry. Distributed Cloud backend server analyzes the telemetry and responds with a fraud recommendation. The BIG-IP extracts fraud recommendations and performs configured mitigation actions.
Authentication Intelligence (AI) enables customers to extend the lifetime of the login session for authentic users. A typical web login session usually expires in 30 minutes or an hour. AI enables implicit login for eligible users, extending the session lifetime to weeks or months without reducing the security of the login session. This provides more conversions with frictionless authentication experience, a better user experience, and reduced customer support costs due to authentication friction.