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BIG-IP Distributed Cloud Services

  • 17.1.0
Manual Chapter

About Application Traffic Insight

About Application Traffic Insight

F5 Application Traffic Insight (ATI) is a Proof-of-Value (PoV) tool that provides insight into unwanted user connections, devices, and behavior on your web application. With ATI, you can easily analyze traffic flow anomalies, determining both malicious and legitimate human and non-human (bots/automation) actors.
ATI leverages JavaScript (JS) on both the client-side and server-side to collect data from client-browsers, monitor data traffic, and detect bots. ATI is deployed asynchronously on the web pages of the application and therefore there is minimal impact on user experience and system performance.
F5 recommends deploying ATI on all the web pages of your application. If for some reason a customer prefers not to deploy on all web pages, F5 recommends at least deploying on all login pages.
Complete ATI configuration starts and ends in the F5 Distributed Cloud (XC) Console. The instructions provided here are for deploying ATI on your web application using the BIG-IP. For comprehensive configuration instructions on other ATI deployment options, see the F5 Distributed Cloud Console - ATI documentation.