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F5 SSL Orchestrator

  • 17.1.0
Manual Chapter

Logs settings

Log Settings are defined per-topology and provide options to enable different logging levels for the multiple SSL Orchestrator objects. The SSL Orchestrator Settings option in the Logs menu can be used to enable logging for selected facilities at various levels of severity to describe the system messages. Facilities describe the specific element of the system generating the message: Per-Request Policy, FTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTPS, SSL Orchestrator Generic.
Each available level describes the severity of the message and are listed in order of the severity of the messages they handle. Generally, higher levels contain all the messages for lower levels. For example, the Alert level will generally also report all messages from the Emergency level, and the Debug level will generally also report all messages for all levels.
No logging is expressly required, so the default “Error” setting appropriately generates logs only on error conditions. However, keep in mind that SSL Orchestrator will produce extensive logs per-flow when raised above Error, so it is recommended only to set higher when troubleshooting issues.