Manual Chapter : HA Common Elements

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 6.1.0
Manual Chapter

HA Common Elements

You must activate a license on two or more BIG-IQ systems before you can configure a high availability cluster.
Configuring a high availability cluster ensures that if one BIG-IQ system goes offline, another BIG-IQ system can continue managing your devices without interruption.
  1. On the left, click
  2. In the
    IP Address
    field, type the discovery address you specified on the BIG-IQ system during setup.
    This is the same IP address the peers in a high availability confirmation use to communicate.
  3. Type the administrative
    User name
    for the system.
  4. Type the
    Root Password
    for the system.
  5. Click the
    button to add this device to this high availability configuration.
The system discovers its peer and displays its status.
If discovery of the newly configured BIG-IQ system fails, a
button displays. Verify the correct self IP address and credentials. Then click the
button to remove the incorrect information, and re-type the self IP address, user name, and password.