Manual Chapter : Upgrading the Secondary BIG-IQ

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 6.1.0
Manual Chapter

Upgrading the Secondary BIG-IQ

Upload the latest version of the software image to the secondary BIG-IQ

Before you can upload the software image to the secondary BIG-IQ system, you must have first downloaded it from the F5 Downloads site. After you upgrade the primary BIG-IQ system, you can upgrade the secondary BIG-IQ system.
You upload the BIG-IQ version software image to the secondary BIG-IQ system to make it available for this upgrade.
  1. At the top of the screen, click
  2. On the left, click
  3. Click the
    Upload Image
  4. Click the
    Choose File
    button and go to the location to which you downloaded the image, and click the
    button to upload it to BIG-IQ.
  5. Click the
    The screen refreshes to display the progress of the upload.
When the image is done uploading, it shows in the list of available images.

Manually upgrade the secondary BIG-IQ to the latest version

Before you can upgrade the secondary BIG-IQ system, you must have uploaded the software to it.
The primary BIG-IQ is upgraded automatically, directly after the devices in the DCD cluster are finished upgrading, but you have to manually upgrade the secondary BIG-IQ system.
Use the following command only in very specific circumstances, such as this one, since it clears the majority of a BIG-IQ system's configuration. Before you run the command, be sure you are on the secondary BIG-IQ system. This command removes all stored data. If you run this command from the primary BIG-IQ system, you'll permanently lose all of your saved data.
  1. Log in to the secondary BIG-IQ system's command line as
    and type the following command:
    While this step is not required, it clears the database storage on the system so the upgrade goes more quickly. After you upgrade both peer systems and re-establish the HA pair, the peer BIG-IQ will synchronize its database with this BIG-IQ system and repopulate the database.
  2. Log in to the system that you are going to establish as the secondary BIG-IQ system's user interface.
  3. At the top of the screen, click
  4. On the left click
    Software Installations
  5. Click the
  6. For the Software Image, select the image you want to install.
  7. From the
    Target Volume
    list, select the volume you want to install the image on.
    You can either choose an existing (inactive) volume, or create a new volume. If the
    Target Volume
    list is empty, the machine you are upgrading does not have a second volume available for you to install the upgrade. You must create one to proceed.
    • To install to an existing volume, select
      Target Volume
      and select the volume for the upgrade.
    • To install to a new volume, select
      New Volume
      , and type the new volume name.
  8. To back up the BIG-IQ device, select
    Backup the BIG-IQ System before upgrade
  9. Click the
    button at the bottom of the screen.
Wait while the BIG-IQ secondary device upgrade process completes. During this time, it is important that you not interrupt the installation process by restarting services or the server. When the BIG-IQ upgrades, it becomes inaccessible briefly. When you can log in to the BIG-IQ again, the process is complete.