Manual Chapter : Restore all objects from a snapshot

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 7.0.0
Manual Chapter

Restore all objects from a snapshot

You can restore a snapshot to change the working configuration to that of the snapshot. Restoring the snapshot merges objects from the snapshot into the BIG-IQ Centralized Management configuration, and removes all active locks. No objects in the BIG-IQ configuration are removed. Once the restore process starts, you cannot modify the BIG-IQ configuration until the process is completed or canceled. If the process is canceled, all configuration settings are rolled back.
Restoring a snapshot in one component can impact other components that have dependent configuration objects. We recommend that when you restore configurations that involve multiple components, you use snapshots that were created at approximately the same time. Restoring the Local Traffic & Network component can require a restore of other dependent components.
  1. At the top of the screen, click
  2. Expand
    , and click the component that contains the snapshot to restore.
    The screen displays a list of snapshot restores and evaluations that have been created for the selected component on this device.
  3. Under Restores, click
  4. For
    , type a name for the snapshot restore.
  5. For
    , describe the snapshot restore.
  6. For
    , select the snapshot you want to restore to.
  7. If you want to create a snapshot that you can use to get back to your current configuration after the restore, for
    Create Snapshot
    , select
    Create a snapshot prior to restoring
  8. If you want the system to assess what the impact of deploying this snapshot would be on the managed devices. for
    Offline Verification,
    Run offline verification after restore
  9. For
    Restore Scope
    , select
    Full Restore
  10. Click
    The confirmation screen notifies you that you are about to trigger a snapshot restore.
  11. Click
    to begin the restore process.
    This process might take some time. You can cancel it if you change your mind.