Manual Chapter : Managing FQDN Resolvers

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 7.1.0
Manual Chapter

Managing FQDN Resolvers

About FQDN resolvers

is an acronym for a fully qualified domain name. The FQDN resolver in the Network Security Policy Editor works with the ADC DNS resolver to allow you to use fully qualified domain names where you would otherwise only be able to enter IP addresses.
You configure an FQDN resolver by clicking the device name of the FQDN resolver on the FQDN Resolvers page.
You access the DNS resolver by selecting
from the BIG-IQ menu, and then clicking
DNS Resolvers
on the left.
The BIG-IQ system can discover FQDN support on a BIG-IP ®device version 12.0 or later, or created on a BIG-IQ system using the Network Security Policy Editor and then deployed to a BIG-IP device version 12.0 or later.

Configuring FQDN resolvers

You configure FQDN resolvers for use in your environment, including associating them with a DNS resolver.
  1. At the top left of the screen, select
    Network Security
    from the BIG-IQ menu.
  2. Click
    Policy Editor
    , and then from the list on the left, click
    FQDN Resolvers
    A list of the FQDN resolvers displays, one listed for each discovered BIG-IP device.
  3. Click the name of the BIG-IP device with an FQDN resolver to configure.
    The FQDN Resolvers - global-fqdn-policy screen opens for that BIG-IP device. Note that the device, name, and partition used by the FQDN resolver cannot be changed.
  4. If needed, change the minimum refresh interval value in the
    Min Refresh Interval
    By default, the value of the
    Min Refresh Interval
    field is 60 minutes. The interval is given as the number of minutes, expressed as an integer from 10 to 46080, inclusive.
  5. Select a DNS resolver from those listed in the
    DNS Resolver
    If no DNS resolver is listed, create one and then select it from the
    DNS Resolver
    field. You create DNS resolvers separately by selecting
    from the BIG-IQ menu and then
    DNS Resolvers
    . You can have different DNS resolvers for different BIG-IP devices, unless those BIG-IP devices are clustered, in which case the DNS resolver should be the same.
  6. Click
    to save the FQDN resolver changes, or click
    Save & Close
    to save the FQDN resolver changes and return to the FQDN Resolvers screen.
The FQDN resolver is now defined and can be used to resolve fully qualified domain names on the BIG-IP device.