Manual Chapter : Behavioral DoS dimensions and metrics

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 7.1.0
Manual Chapter

Behavioral DoS dimensions and metrics

The following list defines the metrics gathered to monitor behavioral dos attacks and the dimension aspects from which data is observed. The information provided is found in the dimensions pane tables with the screens that display object data. You use this information to filter the on-screen data by specific dimension objects. For example, if you would like to view data that pertains to specific DoS Profiles. It is important note that all metric data is displayed as a unit over the time period selected for the screen.

Behavioral DoS Dimensions

The following defines the dimensions found in the dimensions pane that report behavioral DoS traffic and attack analytics.
BIG-IP Host Names
The name of each BIG-IP system that processed the monitored transactions.
BIG-IP Service Cluster
The name BIG-IP service cluster, or a group of multiple BIG-IP devices on a single network.
DoS Profile
The name of the dos profile(s) protecting the object.

Behavioral DoS Metrics

Metric Set
Metric Set Description
Metric Description
Server Stress Level
The average server stress score reported by pool members belonging to a protected virtual server.
Server stress is based on a threshold derived from several indicators reported by the virtual server.
Warning Threshold: 80-100
Critical Threshold: >100
Cleared: <80
Transactions Queue Size
The average number of requests in a serve queue
The average number of requests to an application server.