Manual Chapter : Create an immediate backup of the BIG-IQ system's current UCS file

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 7.1.0
Manual Chapter

Create an immediate backup of the BIG-IQ system's current UCS file

It's a good idea to create a backup for your BIG-IQ system before you make any major configuration changes, or upgrade.
  1. At the top of the screen, click
  2. On the left, click
    Backup Schedules
  3. Click the
    Back Up Now
  4. Type a name to identify this backup, and an optional description for it.
  5. If you want to include the SSL private keys in the backup file, select the
    Include Private Keys
    check box.
    If you save a copy of the SSL private key, you can reinstall it if the original one becomes corrupt.
  6. To encrypt the backup file, select the
    Encrypt Backup Files
    check box, and type and verify the passphrase.
  7. Use the
    Local Retention Policy
    setting to specify how long you want to keep the backup file on BIG-IQ.
    • To delete the copies of the backup after a certain number of days, select
      Delete local backup copy
      and specify the number of days to keep the backup copy before deleting it.
    • To keep copies of the backups indefinitely, select
      Never Delete
  8. To keep copies of backups remotely on a SCP or SFTP server:
    1. For the
      setting, select the
      Store archive copy of backup
      check box.
    2. For the
      setting, select
    3. In the
      IP Address
      field, type the IP address of the remote server where you want to store the archives.
    4. In the
      User Name
      fields, type the credentials to access this server.
    5. In the
      field, type the name of the directory where you want to store the archives on the remote server.
    Storing a backup remotely means you can restore data to a BIG-IP device even if you can't access the archive in the BIG-IQ system directory.
    If you configure BIG-IQ to save backup files to a remote server and that server is unavailable during a scheduled backup, BIG-IQ ignores the local retention policy and retains the local copy of the backup file. This ensures that a backup is always available. To remove those local backups, you must delete them.
    Archived copies of backups are kept permanently on the remote server you specify. If you want to clear space on the remote server, you have to manually delete the backups.
  9. Click the
    button at the bottom of the screen.
When UCS backup file is complete, you can restore the BIG-IQ system.