Manual Chapter : Data Collection Device Operation

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 7.1.0
Manual Chapter

Data Collection Device Operation

Change the Master Key

If a BIG-IQ is configured as part of a high availability (HA) peer or a member of a Data Collection Device (DCD) cluster, you will need to sever those relationships before you can change the Master Key. Then, when all of the keys match, you can rebuild the HA pair and DCD cluster.
To add a peer BIG-IQ system for a high availability configuration, or to add Data Collection Devices (DCD)s to a cluster, the Master Keys must match. If the keys don't match you won't be able to establish the HA peer relationship and you won't be able to add a DCD. You must change the Master Key on one or more of the BIG-IQ systems or DCDs so they match.
  1. At the top of the screen, click
  2. On the left, click
    General Properties.
  3. Click the
    button on the right.
  4. Click the
    Change Master Key
  5. Type the current and new Master Key passphrases and confirm the new passphrase.
  6. Click

Data collection device best practices

There are a number of useful concepts to consider when you manage Data Collection Devices (DCD) for off-box data storage. This reference material might be helpful for setting up and maintaining your DCD cluster.
In addition to the collection of best practices discussed here, you might want to consider how to take best advantage of the disaster recovery capabilities that the DCD can provide by deploying DCD clusters in multiple zones. For a discussion of these concepts, refer to Disaster Recovery Best Practices in this guide.
As part of maintaining a DCD cluster, you might need to remove one or more devices from your DCD cluster. When you remove a DCD from the cluster, the collected data must be redistributed to the remaining devices in the cluster. Consequently, there are a couple things to bear in mind.
  • When you move data, losing part or all of that data is a risk. Therefore, before you remove a DCD from the cluster, F5 recommends that you create a snapshot to back up your data.
  • While the data is being redistributed, it might take a little longer to deliver the statistics data that drive your application service analytics.