Manual Chapter : Create a new disk volume

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

Create a new disk volume

Before you can create a new disk volume for a BIG-IQ VE, you must have the F5 software image in your OpenStack environment.
You need a disk volume in your OpenStack environment that you can use to launch the new BIG-IQ VE instance.
Depending on your business practices, permissions, or personal preference, you might choose to create the new volume as part of the instance launch process, instead of as a separate task. The workflow provided here is just one way to get the job done.
  1. From the OpenStack dashboard, click
    to display the Volumes page, and then click
    Create Volume
  2. Type a
    Volume Name
  3. From
    Volume Source
    , select
  4. From
    Use image as a source
    , select the image you uploaded for install.
  5. In
    Size (GiB)
    , type the minimum disk size for the new volume you are creating.
    The volume size you specify must not be less than the actual size of the original image (QCOW2) file.
    • For a BIG-IQ system, 95 GB is the recommended minimum size.
    • For a DCD, 500 GB is the recommended minimum size.
  6. Click
    Create Volume
    to start the process.
    Although an animation should display to indicate the progress of this process, timeouts in the OpenStack user interface do occur. If the process seems to be taking longer than it should, refresh to update the view.