Manual Chapter : Use the wizard to launch a new instance

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

Use the wizard to launch a new instance

Before you launch a new instance, you must have created the disk volume in your OpenStack environment.
To use a BIG-IQ instance in your OpenStack environment, you need to launch the instance.
Do not use configuration settings (CPU, RAM, and network adapters) that provide fewer resources than those recommended and described here.
  1. From the OpenStack dashboard, click
    to display the Instances page, and then click
    Launch Instance
    The Launch Instance dialog box opens on the Details page.
  2. Type an
    Instance Name
    , and make sure the
    reflects how many instances you want to create, then click
    The Source page opens.
  3. From
    Select Boot Source
    , choose
    Other options are supported for this control, but this is the most straightforward way to get up and running.
  4. Identify the volume you want, click
    to select it, and then click
    If you have a lot of available volumes and want to find the one you want faster, you can type into the filters box so only volumes that match your filter criteria are listed. Then, you can sort the columns so that the volume you are looking for is easier to find.
    The Flavor page opens. In the OpenStack environment, a
    is a predefined virtual hardware profile that you can launch.
  5. Identify the flavor you want to use, click
    to select it, and then click
    Again, you can use the filter and column sort to find the image more quickly.
    The Networks page opens.
  6. Starting with the management network, identify the network interfaces that you want the instance to have, and click
    to add them.
    It is essential that you add the management network first.
    If the new instance requires further customization to comply with your business processes, you can use the
    buttons to access the remaining pages and specify additional detail. Otherwise, this instance is ready to launch.
  7. When you are satisfied with the specifications for the new instance, click
    Launch Instance
    Although an animation should display to indicate the progress of this process, timeouts in the OpenStack user interface do occur. If the process seems to be taking longer than it should, refresh to update the view.