Manual Chapter : Power on the BIG-IQ VE virtual machine for the first time

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

Power on the BIG-IQ VE virtual machine for the first time

You power on the virtual machine so that you can make the BIG-IQ Virtual Edition (VE) accessible from the console.
  1. From the OpenStack dashboard, click
    to display the Instances page, and then click
    Start Instance
After the system completes the initialization process, two built-in user accounts are enabled that provide you with the access you need to complete initial configuration and setup:
  • The root account provides initial user access to command shells. You can use a local console connection, or you can use SSH. This account also provides access to the F5 Configuration utility. The initial root account password is
  • The admin account provides initial user access through the web interface. The initial admin account password is
You should change passwords for both accounts before bringing a system into production.
Before you can access this BIG-IQ VE instance, you must set up the management interface.
You might also need to modify this instance's MTU settings before you can connect to it.
  • To configure external access to the Web interface using a floating IP address, you must modify this instance's MTU settings. Refer to
    Set BIG-IQ VE MTU values to pass traffic between tenant and external networks
    for details.
  • To configure a connection using a direct uplink between the external network and the BIG-IQ VE management interface, it might not be necessary to change the MTU settings. With a direct uplink, traffic does not pass through an Open-vSwitch router.