Manual Chapter : OpenStack Deployment Overview

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

Deployment Overview

Before you can deploy a BIG-IQ VE in the OpenStack environment, you must have the following environmental elements in place:
  • A tenant (or admin) user account with virtual machine deployment privileges.
  • Privileges to create images (that is you must be able to upload QCOW2 files). Contact your system administrator for assistance if your account lacks the requisite permissions.
  • Sufficient free remaining computational (CPU, RAM) and disk storage quota for each BIG-IQ VE instance you plan to deploy.
  • At least one network, to be used for management access.
  • Security groups (firewall rule-sets), for control of inbound and outbound network traffic.
  • Pre-defined Flavors (virtual hardware profile definitions).
In addition, you might wish to define the following optional environmental elements:
  • Key-pairs, for SSH access (recommended).
  • Floating IP addresses, for each tenant network interface that will be externally accessible.
  • Additional networks for internal, external, and high-availability traffic as necessary.