Manual Chapter : Host machine requirements and recommendations

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

Host machine requirements and recommendations

To successfully deploy and run the
VE system, the host system must satisfy minimum requirements.
The host system must include these elements:
  • OpenStack on Linux distribution with the native KVM package as its compute (hypervisor) node.
    The BIG-IQ Virtual Edition and Supported Hypervisors Matrix, published on
    identifies the Linux versions currently supported.
  • The OpenStack Horizon Dashboard
    Power users might prefer to use the OpenStack command line or APIs to deploy and configure the BIG-IQ VE. Consult the OpenStack API documentation for your distribution for details on how to use these APIs.
  • Connection to a common NTP source (this is especially important for each host in a redundant system configuration).
The hypervisor CPU must meet the following requirements:
  • Use a 64-bit architecture.
  • Have support for virtualization (AMD-V or Intel VT-x) enabled.
  • Support a one-to-one thread-to-defined virtual CPU ratio, or (on single-threading architectures) support at least one core per defined virtual CPU.
  • Intel processors must be from the Core (or newer) workstation or server family of CPUs.