Manual Chapter : How do I start managing BIG-IP devices

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.3.0, 8.2.0, 8.1.0, 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

How do I start managing BIG-IP devices

To start managing a BIG-IP device, you must add it to BIG-IQ and import and discover its licensed services.
If you only want to do basic management tasks (like software upgrades, license management, and UCS backups) for a BIG-IP device, you do not have to discover and import its service configurations.
There are a few ways you can import BIG-IP VE devices located in your network to BIG-IQ.
  • Add one or more BIG-IP device(s) located in your network, and discover and import its services in a separate procedure.
  • Import BIG-IP devices located in your network in bulk, using a CSV file.
    You cannot add multiple BIG-IP devices with SSLO services. You must add those BIG-IP devices individually. After you import a BIG-IP device with SSLO services, make future configuration changes only from BIG-IQ. If you make a change to the SSLO service configuration directly on the BIG-IP device, you cannot re-discover or re-import that device.
    For information about how to add BIG-IP VE devices in your network or a third-party cloud