Running Secure Web Gateway reports
Manual Chapter : Running Secure Web Gateway reports

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Running Secure Web Gateway reports

View SWG statistics for all managed devices

Before you can display statistics in the SWG analytics screen, you must have the following configured:
  • A BIG-IQ data collection device configured for the BIG-IQ device
  • The BIG-IP device located in your network and running a compatible software version
  • To view the SWG Dashboard, statistics collection on the BIG-IP device should be enabled.
    For BIG-IP devices running versions or later, enabling the BIG-IP device's statistics collection may affect the information that appears in the Secure Web Gateway Summary screen (
    Secure Web Gateway
    Secure Web Gateway Summary
  • For BIG-IP devices running versions, or later, you must have AVR provisioned on your BIG-IP device.
View statistics for all traffic managed with Secure Web Gateway (SWG) to ensure that your configured access profile properly secures the users within your network.
  1. Click
    The screen displays the SWG analytics screen. By default, the screen displays statistics from the past hour. You can adjust the time settings using the controls found at the top of the screen.
  2. To display events that correspond with the chart timeline, click
    Events that occurred within the selected time period are displayed in the chart. You can select the event icons within the chart to display event details.
  3. Expand the dimensions found at the far right of the screen to view additional data.
  4. Filter displayed data by dimension objects:
    1. To filter data by one or more BIG-IP devices, expand
      BIG-IP Host Names
      BIG-IP Blade Numbers
      and select one or more dimension objects.
    2. To filter data by traffic or security settings (e.g. a URL category and a corresponding action) expand the remaining dimensions and select one or more dimension objects.
      You can select objects from multiple dimensions. Once you select an object, only dimensions with corresponding data are displayed in the charts and dimensions
Briefly explain the outcome of having completed this task. This element is optional, but recommended.
To edit your SWG settings go to
Access Groups
and select the Access group name. For more information about Access group configuration, refer to the
BIG-IQ Centralized Management: Access
for configuration information.

Getting the details that underlie an SWG report

Before BIG-IQ can display Access report data for a managed BIG-IP device, you must first complete the following tasks:
  • Add the managed BIG-IP device to the BIG-IQ Centralized Management inventory
  • Discover and import the managed BIG-IP device
  • Have a BIG-IQ user enable Access remote logging configuration on the managed BIG-IP device
To discover and import a configuration and deploy configurations to a managed BIG-IP device, users must belong to one of the following RBAC roles:
  • Admin
  • Access Manager
  • Access Deployer
Only a device with SWG provisioned on it can provide data for SWG reports.
From the Summary report, the initial display includes graphs that summarize the report data. You can get more detailed information by clicking a bar or a point on a graph to see additional graphs and tables with supporting entries.
  1. At the top of the screen, click
  2. On the left, select
    Secure Web Gateway
    The Summary starts to generate and display. A timeline and some summaries display across the top of the screen. Graphs display under the summaries. Each graph provide different views of the data.
  3. Click any bar in a graph on the display to get more information.
    Additional graphs provide different views of the data, and supporting data displays in a table at the bottom of the screen.
  4. If more details are available, click the bars in the graphs to display them.
  5. Scroll down to the table to view the supporting data.