Manual Chapter : Additional Requirements for a BIG-IQ Solution

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.3.0, 8.2.0, 8.1.0, 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

Additional Requirements for a BIG-IQ Solution

Port requirements for a BIG-IQ solution

The BIG-IQ systems and data collection devices require bidirectional communication with the BIG-IP devices in your network to successfully manage them. The ports required must be open to allow for this required two-way communication. You might have to contact a firewall or network administrator to verify that these ports are open, or to have them opened if they are not.
The ports required for your BIG-IQ solution depend on a number of factors such as the services running on the devices you manage, the BIG-IP version running on those devices, and the number of subnets configured on your network.
For further information on how to configure ports for BIG-IP interfaces, refer to:

Check the status of daemons running on BIG-IQ

Before you install or upgrade BIG-IQ , it's important to take inventory of the status of the running daemons. After you upgrade, you can verify the daemons' state, and make any necessary modifications. To view the daemons, type the following command in the BIG-IQ command line:
admin@(ip-10-1-1-4)(cfg-sync Standalone)(Active)(/Common)(tmos)# show /sys service
For further information about the daemons that run on BIG-IQ, refer to:

Passwords required for BIG-IQ system deployment

To install and configure a BIG-IQ system or data collection device (DCD) cluster, you use the default passwords for all of the devices. For DCD clusters, if you intend to schedule regular snapshots of your logging data (as recommended), you need root access credentials for the machine on which you plan to store these snapshots.
Passwords for data collection device cluster deployment
User Name
Default Password
Access Rights/Role
This user type can access all aspects of the BIG-IQ system from the system's user interface.
This user has access to all aspects of the BIG-IQ system from the system's console command line.
When you log in to the BIG-IQ for the first time, you must change the default admin password before proceeding to the user interface. When you change the admin password as part of this initial login, BIG-IQ also resets the root password to match it. During initial setup, you can change them both again.

Licenses required for BIG-IQ system deployment

The licensing requirements for installing and configuring a BIG-IQ Virtual Edition (VE) depend on how you intend to use it.
  • To use a BIG-IQ VE to manage BIG-IP devices, you need a license.
  • To use a BIG-IQ VE as a license manager, you do not need a license.
  • To use a BIG VE as a data collection device (DCD) you do not need a license.
If you are installing and configuring a BIG-IQ DCD on a BIG-IQ 7000 Platform, you need a license.

BIG-IP device configuration requirements for viewing statistics from BIG-IQ

Before you can enable statistics collection for centralized management, you must ensure that the BIG-IP device has the proper configuration. The proper configuration varies depending on the version of the BIG-IP device. The minimum supported BIG-IP device is version 12.1.0. BIG-IQ has limited visibility for BIG-IP devices prior to
For details about how to configure statistics visibility, based on the BIG-IP version, see
Enabling statistics collection during device discovery
For details on how to access statistic information, based on the BIG-IP version and service, refer to
Statistics compatibility and visibility
For details on how to configure the connection between your BIG-IP devices and your BIG-IQ data collection cluster, refer to
Connecting Devices to a Data Collection Device Cluster