Manual Chapter : Network environment for three subnets

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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.0.0
Manual Chapter

Network environment for three subnets

F5 recommends that you use at least three network interfaces and network subnets for the environment into which you deploy your BIG-IQ Centralized Management solution. This configuration provides the minimum bandwidth and performance levels recommended for a production environment.
  • Isolated, in-band interfaces and VLANs are available for specific functions.
  • Better isolation for troubleshooting.
  • More secure design: Elasticsearch traffic between cluster members stays within your firewalls.
  • More bandwidth between nodes
  • Dual stack IPv4/v6 is supported on the in-band VLANs. The out-of-band eth0 interface does not support dual stack IPv4v6.
  • The out-of-band management (mgmt) network supports a floating IP address. The floating IP address is required for BIG-IQ systems in an automatic failover HA configuration. The in-band interfaces do not support the floating IP address.
This figure illustrates the network topology required to deploy BIG-IQ with three subnets.
Three NIC network topology
When your network topology combines cluster management and listener traffic on the same subnet you need to perform some additional routing work. For detail, see
Setting up routing for an in-band subnet