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BIG-IQ Centralized Management

  • 8.2.0, 8.1.0
Manual Chapter

BIG-IQ Upgrade FAQs

FAQs: BIG-IQ Upgrade to 8.1.0

Which BIG-IQ versions can be upgraded?

Versions 7.0.x--8.0.x are supported for upgrade to 8.1.0

How long will the upgrade take?

Depending on your configuration and the number of devices you are managing, this could take approximately 45-60 minutes per device. For example, if you have one BIG-IQ device with three DCDs (total 4), the maximum upgrade time is 4 hours.

How do I know the device upgrade completed successfully?

When the BIG-IQ primary device upgrades, it becomes briefly inaccessible (time varies depending on your system). When you can log in to the BIG-IQ again, the device upgrade process is complete.
In the event that the system is unavailable for longer than 60 minutes, or the upgrade fails, generate a QView and report the issue at

What happens post-upgrade?

Even though you can log in to the BIG-IQ system after the software is installed, the system continues the post-upgrade process, which includes re-indexing in the background. The time required for re-indexing varies, depending on the size of your system configuration.

Data Collection Device upgrade

Does this version support rolling upgrade (minimal downtime)?

This version supports a rolling upgrade from version 8.0.x. Earlier versions of BIG-IQ must conduct a regular upgrade, which will halt statistics collection during the device upgrade period.

Are statistics collected during the upgrade?

Regular upgrade
No. As soon as the system the begins upgrading the devices, statistics collection is suspended until all devices are upgraded. Statistics collection resumes once the upgrade is complete
During the re-indexing period following the upgrade, objects and historical statistics data might not return the expected results. Results will be displayed as expected once re-indexing is complete. During this time, you can continue with the rest of the upgrade process.
Minimal downtime (rolling) upgrade
Yes. Statistics are collected while the DCDs are incrementally updated, allowing for the devices that are currently online to collect data. There may be a short period of down time when the BIG-IQ device is offline.

Why can't I query Elasticsearch cluster?

SSL is enabled on upgraded DCDs. Queries to the Elasticsearch cluster can be performed using the cURL command:
curl -k -u admin:admin https://localhost:9200/<query>
Sample command for querying the DCD nodes:
curl -k -u admin:admin https://localhost:9200/_cat/nodes?v
F5 does not recommend applying changes to Elasticsearch. Viewing or changing index settings is recommended only for users with prior knowledge of these procedures, or with the assistance from F5 support.

What do I do if my Elasticsearch indices are out of sync?

If you had created index mapping changes prior to the upgrade, index usage is not as expected. This does not impact statistics collection/visibility, and will correct itself as more statistics are collected on the upgraded system.