Manual Chapter : Show the state of port groups from the CLI

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  • 1.7.0, 1.3.1, 1.3.0, 1.2.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.0
Manual Chapter

Show the state of port groups from the CLI

You can show the state for port groups on the system from the CLI.
  1. Log in to the command line interface (CLI) of the system using an account with admin access.
    When you log in to the system, you are in user (operational) mode.
  2. Show the current state for the port groups configuration.
    show portgroups portgroup
    A summary similar to this example displays:
    appliance-1# show portgroups portgroup portgroups portgroup 1 state vendor-name "F5 INC." state vendor-oui 009065 state vendor-partnum "OPT-0031 " state vendor-revision A0 state vendor-serialnum "A1B2C3D40 " state transmitter-technology "850 nm VCSEL" state media 100GBASE-SR4 state optic-state QUALIFIED state ddm rx-pwr low-threshold alarm -14.0 state ddm rx-pwr low-threshold warn -11.0 state ddm rx-pwr instant val-lane1 -1.96 state ddm rx-pwr instant val-lane2 -0.95 state ddm rx-pwr instant val-lane3 -1.06 state ddm rx-pwr instant val-lane4 -1.98 state ddm rx-pwr high-threshold alarm 3.4 state ddm rx-pwr high-threshold warn 2.4 state ddm tx-pwr low-threshold alarm -10.0 state ddm tx-pwr low-threshold warn -8.0 state ddm tx-pwr instant val-lane1 0.07 state ddm tx-pwr instant val-lane2 0.67 state ddm tx-pwr instant val-lane3 0.32 state ddm tx-pwr instant val-lane4 0.45 state ddm tx-pwr high-threshold alarm 5.0 state ddm tx-pwr high-threshold warn 3.0 state ddm temp low-threshold alarm -5.0 state ddm temp low-threshold warn 0.0 state ddm temp instant val 40.8046 state ddm temp high-threshold alarm 75.0 state ddm temp high-threshold warn 70.0 state ddm bias low-threshold alarm 0.003 state ddm bias low-threshold warn 0.005 state ddm bias instant val-lane1 0.00753 state ddm bias instant val-lane2 0.007448 state ddm bias instant val-lane3 0.007536 state ddm bias instant val-lane4 0.007504 state ddm bias high-threshold alarm 0.013 state ddm bias high-threshold warn 0.011 state ddm vcc low-threshold alarm 2.97 state ddm vcc low-threshold warn 3.135 state ddm vcc instant val 3.3027 state ddm vcc high-threshold alarm 3.63 state ddm vcc high-threshold warn 3.465 ...