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Known Issues

Platform or EUD package
ID Number
800, 1600, 3600, 6900, 8900 (EUD_M)
Options to run all tests with USB mass storage device
When you use the options
, or
to run all tests, any USB mass storage device inserted in the system is not displayed at the start of the test. This is a cosmetic issue and does not affect the performance of the tests.
ID 200984
Some Linux distributions attempt to automatically mount a USB mass storage device. This might cause the
utility to fail to mount the device correctly. If this happens, you can use
to create an EUD USB mass storage device from a BIG-IP system.
3900, 6900, 8900 (EUD_M)
ID 201215
During the SMART test these harmless messages might appear:
/dev/sdc was not found and will not be tested. /dev/sdd was not found and will not be tested
Boot message (EUD_B)
ID 201293
You might see these harmless error message when you boot the EUD:
hub 1-0:1.0: Cannot enable port 3. Maybe the USB cable is bad?
WA4500, EM3000, WANJet 300 and 500 (EUD_O)
ID 201389
On the WA4500, EM3000, WANJet 300 and 500 platforms, the EUD banner is not stored in the
file. F5 recommends that you capture the EUD output from your session.
6900 and 8900 (EUD_M)
ID 201413
During IM package installation on the 6900 and 8900 platforms you might see these benign error messages:
error: close request on non-existent handle. warning: boot entry st.eud does not exist. Handle to cpmirror.dat.share was never released
EUD_M 12.7
ID 201515
Some terminal emulators, such as Tera Term, do not display the color red when an error or failure occurs. To correct this issue, change the settings for the terminal emulator to Full Color.
EUD_V 12.1.0
ID 201964
To run the LCD tests on a VIPRION blade, follow these steps:
  1. Make sure that the blade you want to run EUD on is running from the local disk.
  2. Power down all blades except the one on which you want to run EUD.
  3. Remove all powered-down blades.
  4. Reboot the remaining blade to EUD.
800, 1600, 3600, 3900, 6900, 8900, EM 4000 (EUD_M)
ID 289571
The voltage in the CPU used in Moonshot platforms might fluctuate during memory tests. This benign occurrence is due to power saving features built into the CPU.
EUD_M 12.7.1
ID 337565
During the EUD installation, you might see this benign error:
/usr/bin/upgrade_rpmdisk: line 41: [: too many arguments
EUD_M 12.7.1
ID 337831
Mezzanine Packet Test
is not displayed in the results when you choose the
Run all tests
, or
EUD 11.2 and later on the 3400 (EUD_B)
ID 347202
EUD versions 11.2 and later on the 3400 platform. The EUD versions 11.2 and later are not supported on the 3400 platform if the platform is running BIG-IP 10.0.1 and below with BIOS version 0 Ref F. If the BIOS is a higher version, you can run the latest EUD. You can find the BIOS version using the process described in SOL7119: Displaying BIOS version information for BIG-IP systems.
USB LCD module (EUD_VF)
ID 359849
After booting to the EUD, a message might be displayed on the USB LCD module prompting the user to connect to the cluster primary. This message can be ignored. When the EUD LCD test starts, the message is removed. This is a default message that occurs on the LCD module if the BIG-IP system detects that the blade is not the primary. Therefore if a blade that was primary is rebooted to the EUD, it loses the primary status, causing the message to display. The EUD clears the message after the LCD test starts.
EUD Hard Drive Firmware
ID 365218
After you initiate the EUD Hard Drive Firmware Update, the following question is presented:
Are you certain that you want to download firmware to the disk drives listed above? (Type 'Y' or 'N' and press ENTER)
. This question is automatically answered
. You should ignore this question and allow the update to proceed.
4100, 4300 (EUD_B)
ID 367603
On the 4100 and 4300 platforms, the CPLD test fails when one power supply is powered off or unplugged from the power source.
EUD 12.8 (EUD_M)
ID 379370
The EUD eventually reboots the system if individual tests are run multiple times without a reboot. Each EUD test calls an individual test package, which includes initial set up for dedicated testing components. Test results might be affected by running tests many times in a row without reboot.
B4300 Blade (EUD_C)
ID 373478
On the B4300 blade, the Chassis Sensor Report might display these benign message:
Unknown (device busy)
. If you see this message, F5 recommends that you run the test again.
B4300 Blade (EUD_C)
ID 374731
On the B4300 blade, error messages or failed tests might occur when running any chassis test. In such a case F5 recommends that you remove all blades except the blade you are using to run EUD, cycle power, and boot directly to the EUD and run the chassis test again.
B4300 Blade (EUD_C)
ID 378288
On the B4300 blade, the SFP/SFP+ test enables the front ports for a brief moment. This enables the test to read the contents of the optics.
EUD_M 12.9
ID 370118
On BIG-IP 11000, 11050, or 11050N platforms, periodically, the system reports the VDD_NB = 1.23V and reports a Fail, even though the measured voltages have been determined to be within acceptable limits.
B4300 Blade (EUD_C)
ID 381735
While booted to EUD, with optics installed, and fiber connections exist, the 10G and 40G ports' LNK LED becomes erroneously asserted during the test.
B2250 Blade (EUD_VF)
ID 437031
When running the SSL Test on a B2250 blade, you might see these benign errors:
total number of cores=48 This is VF driver, doesn't require initialization pkp: probe of 0000:05:00.1 failed with error -1
ID 471003
If direct copper SFP+ cables are used when running the EUD Internal Packet Path test, the EUD fails. You can work around this problem by using supported SFP+ modules and cables.
ID 584315
Test 25 - Chassis Data Plane Test might fail if third-party (non-F5 branded) 40GbE or 100GbE transceiver modules are inserted into the ports of VIPRION B4300 or B4400 Series blades. You might encounter this error:
ERROR: failed to disable the front port xe0 of slot 1 Test Complete: Chassis Data Plane Test: FAILED
You can work around this problem by using third-party transceiver modules or inserting supported F5 branded transceiver modules.