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New in EUD_S and EUD_V2

EUD_S and EUD V2 are now deprecated and have been replaced by EUD_VF. See the section on EUD_VF for the latest updates.

New in EUD_S 12.3.0

EUD_S 12.3.0: New hardware support

This release supports the VIPRION B2150 blade.

EUD_S 12.3.0: EUD_S fixes

This release adds these fixes to EUD_S.
ID Number
USB LCD module operation during LED test
ID 353684
You can now use the USB LCD keypad to answer the questions for the LED test.
USB LCD module fails to show EUD version
ID 357170
The USB LCD display now shows the EUD version and status of running tests.
LED test and active LEDs
ID 359179
Fixed an issue where the LED test left some LEDs lit.
ID 360207
EUD System Ram test details are now stored in
Defective fan tray showing as Passed in EUD
ID 393419
Fixed an issue where a defective fan tray passed EUD tests.

New in EUD_S 12.2.0

EUD_S 12.2.0: mkdisk support

This release corrects a problem that prevented users from using mkdisk to make bootable media on the VIPRION 2000 (ID 406418).

New in EUD_S 12.0.0

EUD_S 12.0.0: New hardware support

This release includes support for the VIPRION 2400 chassis and B2100 blade.