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New in EUD_SF 4.0.1

EUD_SF 4.0.1: New hardware support

This release adds these fixes to EUD_SF.
ID Number
EUD_SF 4.0.0 does not display FIPS module information on some platforms.
ID 1052025
This issue is fixed.
EUD_SF (any version) can initialize new or RMA return iSeries FIPS systems, possibly causing RMA
ID 1267793
Versions of EUD_SF prior to 4.0.1 may try to initialize the FIPS system if run before the customer initializes it with their Security Officer credentials.
If this happens it can trigger a bug caused by a platform SDK change issue and render the FIPS card inoperative. EUD_SF 4.0.1 fixes this by removing the ability to initialize the card from EUD_SF.
This behavior is fixed in EUD_SF 4.0.1 and later. Any FIPS customer using an affected platform should install EUD_SF 4.0.1 or later at their earliest convenience.
i15820 (D120)
A number of voltage rails report low
ID 1029529
Versions of EUD_SF prior to 4.0.1 use a voltage threshold limit for some sensors that is too high, causing some systems to report "low" voltages, when in fact the voltages are within specifications. EUD_SF 4.0.1 fixes this issue by setting the voltage thresholds to more appropriate values.