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  • 1.1.3
Manual Chapter

Fixes in this Version

Fixes in F5OS-C 1.1.3

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VELOS trunk may cause intermittent packet storm
In certain topologies where the upstream switch floods a unicast l2 destination to all ports on a link aggregation group (LAG), the VELOS blade may emit that packet back out the same link into which it ingressed causing an intermittent packet storm between the VELOS LAG and upstream switch.
Packets are no longer forwarded out of a link aggregation group (LAG) interface, if the LAG interface is the source of the incoming packets.
This ensures that there will be no loops in the network. if an upstream switch floods unicast packets to a VELOS LAG.
Host VLAN not always programmed on non-LAG member blades
In the past, for blades without LAG members, the host VLAN entry would not get programmed if the VLAN listener configuration occurred before the VLAN was configured on the LAG. This has been fixed.