Manual Chapter : Revert to default configuration of the system controller

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  • 1.1.1, 1.1.0
Manual Chapter

Revert to default configuration of the system controller

You may want to back up the existing system configuration of the system controller before you go back to the default. You also have to have disabled appliance mode if enabled.
If you are testing, performing an RMA, or for any reason want to restore the system to its initial factory default settings, you can do that from the system console. Understand that this procedure clears all existing configuration, and regenerate the default configuration.
  1. Connect to a management console or console server of the active system controller.
    The default baud rate and serial port configuration is 19200/8-N-1.
  2. Log in as the root user.
  3. Log in to the admin account.
    su admin
  4. Change to config mode.
    The CLI prompt changes to include
  5. Reset to the default configuration of the system controller.
    system database config reset-default-config true
    This command deletes all configuration on the system controller including IP addresses, passwords, all partition configuration, and tenant images.
  6. Commit the configuration changes.
  7. Log out as the admin user.
    You are returned to the root account
  8. Reboot the system.
  9. Log in to the standby system controller as root and reboot the standby controller.
The system controller now has the default configuration. You need to perform initial configuration and can run the Setup wizard (velos-setup-wizard) to set management IP addresses, DNS, and other required settings. For more information on initial configuration, see
VELOS Systems: Getting Started