Manual Chapter : Generate system reports from the webUI

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  • 1.1.1, 1.1.0
Manual Chapter

Generate system reports from the webUI

If you have any concerns about your system operation, you can use the
utility to generate a system report to collect configuration and diagnostic information from the VELOS system. The QKView report contains machine-readable (JSON) diagnostic data and combines the data into a single compressed tar.gz format file. You can upload the QKView file to F5 iHealth where you can get help to verify proper operation of the system, with troubleshooting and understanding any issues you may be having, and ensure that the system is operating at its maximum efficiency.
You can generate a system controller QKView from the system controller webUI, and a chassis partition QKView from the chassis partition webUI. Both reports contain diagnostic information such as configuration data, log files, and platform information.
  1. Log in to the VELOS system controller webUI or the chassis partition webUI using an account with admin access.
  2. On the left, click
    System Reports
    The System Reports screen displays. A list of QKView reports that were previously generated is shown along with any reports that were uploaded to iHealth.
  3. To generate a system report, click
    Generate QKView
    in the upper right corner of the screen.
    The system runs many commands to collect the diagnostic information, so generating the report might affect its performance.
    It takes a few minutes for the system to finish creating the report and list it on the screen. The QKView Status says
    File generated successfully
    when it is done.
  4. If you want to upload the report to the F5 iHealth server, select the check box next to the QKView name, and click
    Upload to iHealth
    To do the upload, the system must have DNS configured, and have Internet access to these services using the HTTPS/443 remote service/port:
    The QKView tar file is uploaded to iHealth where you can get help to diagnose the health and proper operation of the system.
  5. To delete a QKView report, select it and click