Manual Chapter : Generate a tcpdump

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  • 1.1.1, 1.1.0
Manual Chapter

Generate a tcpdump

You can use the
utility to capture traffic in chassis partitions. You can then save the captured traffic as a file that can be analyzed to help troubleshoot network issues.
  1. Connect using SSH to the partition management IP address.
  2. Generate a tcpdump.
    system diagnostics tcpdump
    These options are available to use with this command:
    -i | interface
    Specifies the interface on which to capture packets. Omit or specify
    to indicate all interfaces.
    This example captures traffic on interface 1.0 on blade number 2:
    system diagnostics tcpdump interface "2/1.0"
    -w | outfile
    Specifies the pcap file to write the captured packets.
    This example combines options to capture only traffic on interface 2.0 on blade 1, where the source IP address is and the destination port is 80, and sends the output to a specified directory.
    system diagnostics tcpdump outfile /var/F5/partition/shared/example_file.pcap
    Specifies the Berkeley packet filter expression for tcpdump.
    This example captures traffic where the source IP address is and the destination port is 443:
    system diagnostics tcpdump interface "1/2.0" bpf "src host and dst port 80" outfile /var/F5/partition/shared/example_capture.pcap