Manual Chapter : System reports (QKView) overview

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  • 1.6.0
Manual Chapter

System reports (QKView) overview

If you have any concerns about your system operation, you can use the QKView utility to generate a system report to collect configuration and diagnostic information from the system.
The QKView file contains machine-readable (JSON) diagnostic data and combines the data into a single compressed tar.gz format file. You can upload the QKView file to F5 iHealth at, where you can get help verifying proper operation of the system, understanding and troubleshooting any issues you might be having, and ensuring that the system is operating at its maximum efficiency.
When generating a QKView from the CLI, you use the same command to generate a QKView file at both the system/chassis and the chassis partition levels. To generate a QKView from a remote system, the commands differ slightly.