Release Notes : 3-DNS Controller, PTF Note 4.0.1 PTF-02

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3-DNS Controller versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 4.0.1, 4.0.0
Release Notes
Updated Date: 04/18/2019


This product temporary fix (PTF) provides enhancements and fixes for the 3-DNS Controller, version 4.0.1. The PTF includes all fixes released since version 4.0.1.


Installing the PTF

The current PTF installs fixes from all PTFs released after 3-DNS Controller, version 4.0.1. For information on the specific fixes in this PTF, see the following section, Enhancements and fixes in this PTF.)

Note: If you have installed prior PTFs, this installation does not overwrite any configuration changes that you made for the prior PTFs.

Apply the PTF to 3-DNS Controller, version 4.0.1 using the following process:

  1. Connect to the F5 Networks FTP site at
  2. Download the following upgrade file to the /var/tmp/ directory on the target 3-DNS Controller:
  3. Change to the /var/tmp/ directory:
    cd /var/tmp/
  4. Extract the kit file in the /var/tmp/ directory, by typing the following command:
    tar -xvf 3dns4.0.1PTF-02.tar

  5. Run the upgrade_ptf script in the /var/tmp/ directory to install the PTF, by typing the following command:

Once you install the software upgrade, refer to the Required configuration changes section for important information about configuration changes you must make on the 3-DNS Controller.

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Software enhancements and fixes

Enhancements and fixes in this PTF

A Distributed Application Manager, version 1.0 support (CR15963, CR16062)
The 3-DNS Controller now supports the Distributed Application Manager, version 1.0.

Sync groups and renaming pools or wide IPs (CR16457)
When you have three or more 3-DNS Controllers in a sync group, and you rename a pool or wide IP more than once, the renamed pools or wide IPs now synchronize properly.

Stopping and starting the iControl portal (CR17378, CR17415)
Stopping and starting the iControl portal no longer causes system errors.

Default values for the iControl portal (CR17446)
The 3-DNS database now contains default values for the iControl portal. You can view the default values by running the config portal script.

Non-external ports bound to the loopback address (CR17513)
All non-external ports are now bound to the loopback address. The affected non-external ports are:

  • 8053 and 8054 (NameSurfer)
  • 2121 and 1616 (Portal Real Servers)

Adding virtual servers to pools that have port lists configured (CR17691)
If you have pools configured with port lists, and you are adding additional virtual servers to those pools, the Configuration utility now lists only those virtual servers that use the same ports as those in the pool's port list.

Syntax changes for the syncgroup command in the 3dpipe utility (CR17905)
The syncgroup_name parameter in the syncgroup command is now optional. For more information on the 3dpipe utility, refer to the 3-DNS Controller, version 4.0.1 release notes.

Drop packets when there is a Last Resort pool specified and the fallback load balancing mode is Null (CR18080)
The 3-DNS Controller no longer uses the Return to DNS load balancing mode when the following criteria are met:

  • No virtual servers are available to resolve the request
  • You have at least two pools configured, and one pool is designated the last resort pool
  • The fallback load balancing mode for the last resort pool is Null
Rather than returning the request to DNS for resolution, the 3-DNS Controller now drops the packet.

The upgrade installation for 3-DNS Controller, version 4.0.1 and the bigdba command (CR18117)
If you upgraded the 3-DNS Controller to version 4.0.1 from version 2.1.2 or earlier, the controller may have an obsolete version of the bigdba command. The PTF installer for PTF-02 correctly deletes /sbin/bigdba and reloads the bigdba database if the following conditions are met:

  • The /config/user.db file does not already exist on the controller
  • The /config/user.db.txt file exists on the controller

Wide IP names in the database (CR18260)
Wide IP names are now stored in all-lowercase format in the 3-DNS configuration. Converting the wide IP names to lowercase in the configuration ensures that 3-DNS maintains compliance with the DNS RFC (RFC 1035), which specifies that domains be case-insensitive.

Static Persist load balancing mode (CR18274)
When you have configured the 3-DNS to use the Static Persist load balancing mode, and a local DNS server is repeatedly requesting a domain on the 3-DNS, the 3-DNS no longer occasionally issues an incorrect response.

Enhancements and fixes released in prior PTFs

Version 4.0.1PTF01

The named utility and upgrading 3-DNS Controllers (CR17793)
The named utility now restarts when you reboot a 3-DNS Controller that has been upgraded from a previous version to version 4.0.1. Note that the named utility only runs on 3-DNS Controllers that are in node mode.

Restarting the 3-DNS web server (CR17854)
The Restart 3-DNS Configuration Utility, on the 3-DNS Maintenance Menu, now restarts the 3-DNS web server correctly.

Rerunning the config command (CR17855)
Rerunning the config command after you initially configure the 3-DNS Controller no longer overwrites the /etc/named.conf file.

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Configuration changes

Required configuration changes

There are no required configuration changes in this PTF.

New configuration options

The following new configuration options are available on the 3-DNS Controller.

Additions to the 3dpipe utility syntax
The following commands have been added to the 3dpipe utility:

  • 3dpipe wideip <wide_IP_name> dc <data_center_name> disable
    You can use this command to disable a wide IP, in the context of a data center.

  • 3dpipe wideip <wide_IP_name> dc <data_center_name> enable
    You can use this command to enable a wide IP, in the context of a data center.

  • 3dpipe wideip <wide_IP_name> dc <data_center_name> status
    You can use this command to get the status (enabled or disabled) of a wide IP, in the context of a data center.

  • 3dpipe wideip <wide_IP_name> pool <pool_name> vs show all
    You can use this command to get the following information for each virtual server in a wide IP pool:
    • enabled or disabled status
    • availability status: green (available), blue (unknown), red (down), or yellow (unavailable)
    • IP address
    • port
    • ratio value (for the Ratio load balancing mode)

For more information on the 3dpipe utility, refer to the 3-DNS Controller, version 4.0.1 release notes, which are available from the 3-DNS Controller home screen.

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Known Issues

The following items are known issues in the current release.

Adding servers using the Configuration utility and the Back button in Internet Explorer (CR17504)
Occasionally, when you add a new server to the 3-DNS Controller configuration using the Configuration utility, and you are using the Configuration utility in a Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser session, you may get an error when you use the Back button to return to a previous screen. The error is benign, and you can click any item in the navigation screen to clear the error.

Using ADAM with the 3-DNS (CR18162)
If you are attempting to use A Distributed Application Manager (ADAM) with the 3-DNS, in some cases you may not be able to log in as the 3-DNS administrative user defined in the Configuration utility when you set up the 3-DNS. To correct this, run the 3dnsmaint command line utility and select Change/Add users for 3-DNS Configuration Utility. Re-enter the administrative user's user name and password. You should then be able to log in through ADAM as the administrative user.

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