Release Notes : 3-DNS Controller, PTF Note 4.0.1 PTF-01

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3-DNS Controller versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 4.0.1
Release Notes
Updated Date: 04/18/2019


This product temporary fix (PTF) provides enhancements and fixes for the 3-DNS Controller, version 4.0.1.  The PTF includes all fixes released since version 4.0.1.


Installing the PTF

The current PTF installs fixes from all PTFs released after 3-DNS Controller, version 4.0.1.

Apply the PTF to 3-DNS Controller, version 4.0.1 using the following process:

  1. Connect to the F5 Networks FTP site at
  2. Download the following upgrade file to the /var/tmp/ directory on the target 3-DNS Controller:
  3. Change to the /var/tmp/ directory:
    cd /var/tmp/
  4. Extract the kit file in the /var/tmp/ directory, by typing the following command:
    tar -xvzf 3dns401ptf-01.tar.gz

  5. Run the upgrade_ptf script in the /var/tmp/ directory to install the PTF, by typing the following command:
  6. When the upgrade_ptf script is finished, restart named.conf by typing the following command:
    ndc restart

Once you install the software upgrade, refer to the Required configuration changes section for important information about configuration changes you must make on the 3-DNS Controller.

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Software enhancements and fixes

What's fixed in this PTF

The named utility and upgrading 3-DNS Controllers (CR 17793)
The named utility now restarts when you reboot a 3-DNS Controller that has been upgraded from a previous version to version 4.0.1.  Note that the named utility only runs on 3-DNS Controllers that are in node mode.

Rerunning the config command (CR17855)
Rerunning the config command after you initially configure the 3-DNS Controller no longer overwrites the /etc/named.conf file.

Restarting the 3-DNS web server (CR17854)
The Restart 3-DNS Configuration Utility, on the 3-DNS Maintenance Menu, now restarts the 3-DNS web server correctly.

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Required configuration changes

There are no required configuration changes in this PTF.

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Known Issues

The following items are known issues in the current release.

Adding servers using the Configuration utility and the Back button in Internet Explorer (CR17504)
Occasionally, when you add a new server to the 3-DNS Controller configuration using the Configuration utility, and you are using the Configuration utility in a Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser session, you may get an error when you use the Back button to return to a previous screen.  The error is benign, and you can click any item in the navigation screen to clear the error.

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