Release Notes : 3-DNS Module for the BIG-IP Controller, PTF Note 4.0 PTF-01

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3-DNS Controller versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 4.0.0
Release Notes
Updated Date: 04/18/2019


This product temporary fix (PTF) provides enhancements and fixes for the 3-DNS 4.0 module. 



Installing the PTF

Refer to the BIG-IP Controller 4.0 PTF-01 note for information on downloading and installing the PTF software.

Software enhancements and fixes

Enhancements and fixes released in 3-DNS Controller 4.0 PTF-01

EDGE-FX Cache, version 2.0
The 3-DNS Controller now supports the EDGE-FX Cache, version 2.0.

iControl, version 1.0
The 3-DNS Controller now includes the global load balancing components of iControl.  For more information on using iControl, refer to the documentation provided in the iControl SDK.

Pool load balancing mode Topology
When you use the Topology load balancing mode, and more than one matching topology record has the same score, the 3-DNS Controller load balances among the matching topology records using the Random load balancing mode. (CR15159)

Known issues

The following items are known issues in the current release.

Type Description Number
First-Time Boot Utility in the Configuration utility

On BIG-IP Controllers with the 3-DNS module enabled, the browser-based First-Time Boot Utility does not properly configure the 3-DNS module.  To configure BIG-IP Controllers with the 3-DNS module, you must use the config command to run the First-Time Boot utility at the command line.


Global Availability and Ratio load balancing modes in the Configuration Utility

On the Modify Load Balancing for [pool name] screen, when you select the Global Availability or Ratio load balancing modes, the popup screens where you configure either the order (for Global Availability) or the ratio (for Ratio) do not appear.  To set the order or the ratio for the Global Availability or the Ratio load balancing modes, click Modify Virtual Servers on the toolbar, and set the order or the ratio on the Modify Virtual Servers screen.


Random data in the Configuration utility screens

On rare occasions, you may see random data at the end of the tables in the Configuration utility.


Windows 2000 Server metrics collection

Table 10.1 on page 10-10, in the 3-DNS Reference Guide, incorrectly indicates that the 3-DNS Controller collects memory usage metrics for the Windows 2000 Server SNMP agent.