Release Notes : 3-DNS Controller, PTF Note 4.2 PTF-04

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3-DNS Controller versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 4.2 PTF-04, 4.2.0
Release Notes
Updated Date: 04/18/2019


This product temporary fix (PTF) provides enhancements and fixes for the 3-DNS, version 4.2. The PTF includes all fixes released since version 4.2.


Installing the PTF

The current PTF installs fixes from all PTFs released after 3-DNS, version 4.2. (See the following section, What's fixed in this PTF.).

Note:  If you are updating the 3-DNS module on a BIG-IP, do not use the following installation instructions.  Refer to the BIG-IP, version 4.2PTF04 note for installation instructions instead.

Use the following instructions to apply the PTF to the 3-DNS, version 4.2. 

Important:  If you are upgrading an IP Application Switch or a 3-DNS that uses a solid state disk (SSD), use the installation instructions here.

Note:  If you have installed prior PTFs, this installation does not overwrite any configuration changes that you made for prior PTFs.

Apply the PTF to the 3-DNS, version 4.2 using the following process.  Note that the installation script saves your current configuration.

  1. Connect to the F5 Networks FTP site (

    Use FTP in passive mode from the 3-DNS to download the file.  To place FTP in passive mode, type pass at the command line before transferring the file. 

  2. Change to the /var/tmp/ directory by typing:
    cd /var/tmp/

  3. Download the PTF file to the /var/tmp/ directory on the target 3-DNS.

  4. Type the following command to install this PTF:

    The 3-DNS automatically reboots once it completes installation.

To upgrade an IP Application Switch or a Compact Flash media drive (SSD), use the following process:

  1. Create a memory file system, by typing the following:
    mount_mfs -s 200000 /mnt

  2. Type the following command:
    cd /mnt

  3. Connect to the FTP site (

  4. Download the file from the /crypto/bigip/ptfs/3dns42ptf4/ directory.

  5. On the 3-DNS, run the im upgrade script, using the file name from the previous step as an argument:
    im /mnt/<file name>

    When the im script is finished, the 3-DNS reboots automatically.

Note:  This procedure creates over 90MB of temporary space on the /mnt partition.  The partition and the im package file are deleted upon rebooting.

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Software enhancements and fixes

What's fixed in this PTF

iQuery and backward compatability for encryption (CR21270)
iQuery encryption between 3-DNS, version 4.2 and 3-DNS, version 4.0.1 now works properly.

SNMP versioning and host probing (CR19784, CR20916)
The 3-DNS now uses the correct version of SNMP (1 or 2) depending on which version is supported by the SNMP agent on the host.

Support for iControl, version 2.1 (CR19847, CR20178)
This PTF includes support for iControl, version 2.1.

New command argument for 3ndc (CR19886)
You can now monitor DNS transactions without using tcpdump by using the 3ndc querylog command.  For additional information, refer to the 3ndc man page.

Using snmpwalk and the 3-DNS MIB (CR19989, CR19994)
You no longer receive an OID error when you use snmpwalk on the 3-DNS MIB, and the following condition exists:  the string length (shorter to longer) and the lexicographic sort (a to z) of wide IP names and/or data center names in the MIB are in opposite order.

Updating the Return to DNS counter (CR20139)
The Return to DNS counter now gets updated properly when none of the specified load balancing methods for a wide IP are able to select a pool and virtual server to respond to a query.

Synchronization and viewing server status (CR20170)
When you make configuration changes on a receiver 3-DNS in a sync group, and then view server and virtual server status on the principal 3-DNS, the servers and virtual servers are no longer inaccurately marked as down (red ball).

IP Application Switch platform and probing hosts using TCP (CR20244)
Host probing no longer fails when you are running the 3-DNS on the IP Application Switch platform, and the big3d agent’s probe protocol is set to TCP.

Configuring default settings for SNMP (CR20258)
You can now reset the SNMP timeouts and retries to their default values.

Compilation errors in 3-DNS MIB (CR20466)
The 3-DNS MIB no longer causes compilation errors with some SNMP management tools.

Netmask on the public IP address when the 3-DNS is behind a firewall (CR20792)
When the 3-DNS is behind a firewall, and the public IP address is defined on the external VLAN, the netmask is now applied correctly; the public IP address is no longer improperly associated with the loopback device.

Removing virtual servers (CR20814)
Removing a virtual server that belongs to a pool that uses the Round Robin load balancing mode no longer causes server errors.

Getting up or down status for 3-DNS, GLOBAL-SITE, and EDGE-FX Cache systems from SNMP (CR21041)
You can now get the proper up or down status from the 3-DNS MIB for 3-DNS, BIG_IP, GLOBAL-SITE, and EDGE-FX Cache systems.

Enhancements and fixes released in prior PTFs

Version 4.2PTF03

There are no fixes or enhancements in version 4.2PTF03.

Version 4.2PTF02

There are no fixes or enhancements in version 4.2PTF02.

Version 4.2PTF01

There are no fixes or enhancements in version 4.2PTF01.

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Required configuration changes

There are no required configuration changes in this PTF.

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Known Issues

There are no new known issues as of this PTF.

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