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3-DNS Controller versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 4.5 PTF-01
Release Notes
Software Release Date: 12/06/2002
Updated Date: 04/18/2019


This product temporary fix (PTF) provides enhancements and fixes for the 3-DNS Controller, version 4.5. For details, see the following section, Software enhancements and fixes.) The latest version of the PTF notes can be found on


Installing the PTF

The current PTF installs fixes from all PTFs released after 3-DNS Controller, version 4.5. (For details, see the following section, Software enhancements and fixes.)  The latest version of the PTF note is available at

Note:  If you are updating the 3-DNS Controller module on a BIG-IP system, refer to the BIG-IP, version 4.5PTF01 note for instructions on installing the PTF.

Apply the PTF to the 3-DNS Controller, version 4.5 using the following process.  Note that the installation script saves your current configuration.

  1. Change to the /var/tmp/ directory by typing:
    cd /var/tmp/

  2. Connect to the F5 Networks FTP site (
    Use FTP in passive mode from the 3-DNS Controller to download the file.  To place FTP in passive mode, type pass at the command line before transferring the file.

  3. Download the following PTF file to the /var/tmp/ directory on the target 3-DNS Controller.

  4. To install the PTF, type the following command:

    The 3-DNS Controller automatically reboots once it completes installation.

Updating the big3d agent

After the PTF installation has completed, you need to install the new version of the big3d agent on all BIG-IP systems and EDGE-FX Cache systems known to the 3-DNS Controller, as follows:

  1. Log on to the 3-DNS Controller at the command line.

  2. Type 3dnsmaint to open the 3-DNS Maintenance menu.

  3. Select Install and Start big3d, and press Enter.
    The 3-DNS Controller detects all BIG-IP systems and EDGE-FX systems in the network, and updates their big3d agents with the appropriate version of the agent.

  4. Press Enter to return to the 3-DNS Maintenance menu.

  5. Type Q to quit.

For more information about the big3d agent, see the 3-DNS Reference Guide.

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Software enhancements and fixes

What’s fixed in this PTF

CA-2002-31, Multiple Vulnerabilities in BIND
This PTF addresses the security vulnerabilities that are listed in CERT® advisory, CA-2002-31, Multiple Vulnerabilities in BIND. This PTF upgrades the BIND package to version 8.3.4. For more information on the CERT advisory, see

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Known issues

The following items are the known issues identified since the release of 3-DNS Controller, version 4.5. For a list of the known issues in the 4.5 release, refer to the 3-DNS Controller, version 4.5 release note on AskF5.

Invalid OID for the shutdown trap in the SNMP MIB (CR25059)
The shutdown trap, in the SNMP MIB, has an invalid object identifier (OID) associated with it. Therefore, this trap does not function properly.

Errors on the System - General screen in the Configuration utility (CR25143)
If you try to change any of the settings on the System - General screen in the Configuration utility, you cannot update the settings, and you see error messages for the following settings: iQuery Settings, Transfer Buffer (bytes), iQuery Settings, Receive Buffer (bytes), Resolver Buffer Sizes (bytes), Transfer, and Resolver Buffer Sizes (bytes), Receive. You can do one of two things to work around this issue:

  • Leave the settings on this screen at their default values.

  • Edit the settings in the wideip.conf file.


Invalid metrics statistics and graphs for down remote links (CR25146)
The Link Statistics screen, in the Configuration utility, displays very large, invalid values for remote links that are down (red ball). This invalid value causes the link statistics graphs to inaccurately display the data for both the link that is down, and any available links.

Path probing requests are not issued if a data center has no defined router (CR25155)
If a data center contains at least one 3-DNS Controller, BIG-IP system, or EDGE-FX system, and you have not defined a router for the data center, then path probing requests are not issued to that data center. To work around this issue, configure a router for that data center. Note that the IP address for the router should be the default route for devices in that data center.

Using a serial terminal as a console does not work (CR25183)
In version 4.5, the serial terminal as the console functionality does not work on some 2U controller platforms, as described in the 3-DNS Reference Guide, Chapter 6, Monitoring and Administration. You can determine if your unit is affected by examining the white F5 Networks sticker on the back of the unit. If you see D25 on the sticker, you may experience the problem. If you do experience this problem, contact Support for assistance.

Broken links on the Configuration utility welcome screen (CR25249)
In the Configuration utility, under Additional Software Downloads on the welcome screen, the following links are broken: 3-DNS MIB and DNS MIB. Note that this does not affect the MIBs themselves, which you can view from the command line in the following directory: /usr/local/share/snmp/mibs. For information on working with the MIBs, see Working with SNMP on the 3-DNS Controller, in the 3-DNS Reference Guide, Chapter 5, Probing and Metrics Collection.

Changes in US and Canada Daylight Saving Time (CR58321)
The Energy Policy Act of 2005, which was passed by the US Congress in August 2005, changed both the start and end dates for Daylight Saving Time in the United States, effective March 2007. Canada is also adopting this change. The resulting changes are not reflected in this version of the product software. To find out more about this issue, refer to SOL6551: F5 Networks software compliance with the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

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