Manual : BIG-IP Installation Guide, version 4.0

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BIG-IP versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 4.0 PTF-04, 4.0 PTF-03, 4.0 PTF-02, 4.0 PTF-01, 4.0.0
Original Publication Date: 09/27/2007


Getting started

Choosing a configuration tool

Using the Administrator Kit

Stylistic conventions
Finding additional help and technical support resources

What's new in version 4.0

3-DNS on the BIG-IP Controller OneConnect
OneConnectTM content switching with HTTP Keep-Alives
Bridging and Layer 2 forwarding
HTTP Redirect pool property
Load balance any IP protocol
Link aggregation and fail-over
On-the-fly content converter
SNAT automap feature
Health monitors
Performance monitors
Default controller configuration
Web-based Configuration utility enhancements

Learning more about the BIG-IP Controller product family

Setting Up the Hardware

Unpacking the hardware

Hardware provided with the controller
Peripheral hardware that you provide

Familiarizing yourself with the controller

Using the 4U hardware configuration
Using the 2U hardware configuration

Environmental requirements

General guidelines
Guidelines for DC powered equipment

Installing and connecting the hardware

Creating the Initial Software Configuration

Gathering the information

First-Time Boot utility settings

Keyboard type
Product selection
Root password
Host name
Default route
Redundant system settings
Interface media settings
VLANs and IP addresses
Remote web server access
Time zone
DNS forwarding proxy settings
Remote administrative access
NTP support
First-Time Boot utility configuration list

Starting the First-Time Boot utility

Running the utility from the console or serial terminal
Running the utility remotely

Additional Setup Options

Overview of additional setup options

Defining additional host names

Downloading the SSH client to your administrative workstation

Downloading the F-Secure SSH client from the web server
Setting up the F-Secure SSH client on a Windows 95 or
Windows NT workstation
Setting up the F-Secure SSH client on a UNIX workstation

Addressing general networking issues

Addressing routing issues
Configuring DNS on the BIG-IP Controller
Configuring email

Using a serial terminal with the BIG-IP Controller

Configuring a serial terminal in addition to the console
Configuring a serial terminal as the console
Forcing a serial terminal to be the console

Configuring RADIUS authentication

Using RADIUS ports on the BIG-IP Controller
Configuring sshd version 2.x
Configuring sshd version 1.x