Manual Chapter : BIG-IP Reference guide v4.0: Configuration Files

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BIG-IP versions 1.x - 4.x

  • 4.0 PTF-04, 4.0 PTF-03, 4.0 PTF-02, 4.0 PTF-01, 4.0.0
Manual Chapter


Configuration Files

File Description
/config/bigip.conf Stores virtual server and node definitions and settings, including node ping settings, the load balancing mode, and NAT and SNAT settings.
/config/bigip_base.conf Stores BIG-IP Controller self IP addresses and VLAN and interface configurations.
/config/bigip.license Stores authorization information for the BIG-IP Controller.
/etc/bigconf.conf Stores the user preferences for the Configuration utility.
/config/bigconfig/openssl.conf This file holds the configuration information for how the SSL library interacts with browsers, and how key information is generated.
/config/user.db This is the location of the BIG/db database. This database holds various configuration information.
/config/bigconfig/httpd.conf The main configuration file for the webserver.
//config/bigconfig/users The webserver password file. Contains the user names and passwords of the people permitted to access whatever is provided by the webserver.
/etc/hosts Stores the hosts table for the BIG-IP Controller.
/etc/hosts.allow Stores the IP addresses of workstations that are allowed to make administrative shell connections to the BIG-IP Controller.
/etc/netstart Stores basic system start up settings.
/etc/ipfw.conf Stores IP filter settings.
/etc/rateclass.conf Stores rate class definitions.
/etc/ipfwrate.conf Stores IP filter settings for filters that also use rate classes.
/etc/snmpd.conf Stores SNMP configuration settings.
/etc/rc.sysctl Stores the default UNIX and the BIG-IP Controller sysctl variables.
/etc/irs.conf Controls information retrieval functions in the C library.
/etc/login.conf UNIX system file, modified for the BIG-IP Controller.
/etc/bigstart/rc UNIX system startup script, modified for the BIG-IP Controller.
/etc/sshd_config This is the configuration file for the secure shell server (SSH). It contains all the access information for people trying to get into the system via SSH.
/etc/wideip.conf This is a 3-DNS Controller configuration file. For more information, please refer to the documentation for that product.
/VENDOR This file contains information describing F5 Networks. It includes the company name, a common name, contact information, and the text of the licensing agreement for the software.
/VERSION Contains the name of the product, the number, and the access rights (BIG-IP 3.3 HA, for example).
/usr/contrib/bin/ssh-askpass This is the external program used by the SSH configuration utility to ask the user for his password from an X-windows system. It allows SSH to connect to a remote site, or generate a PPKey pair, in a secure manner.
/var/f5/httpd/conf/cert.conf The information for the public key/private key certification infrastructure for the webserver.